When we meet someone for the first time, we often notice certain features about the person. Of the many physical attributes that we first notice, like beautiful eyes or a radiant smile, nothing can turn us off as quickly as bad breath. Chronic bad breath is also called halitosis and it is estimated that over half of all humans throughout the world suffer from bad breath. Bad breath can come from gum disease or plaque and tartar build up. Here at our office, we can evaluate your problem and treat it. As part of our clinical exam, we also check for oral cancer.


The worst breath that most people have is normally most evident when they wake up in the morning. Morning breath can put a damper on your ability to get a good morning kiss from your sweetie, but luckily scientists have discovered the causes that contribute to halitosis so avoiding them can give you fresher breath. It is often thought that simply brushing your teeth and flossing regularly is a way to achieve fresher breath. Though some toothpastes have staked their entire reputation on the fact that their product is designed to give you fresher breath that lasts the whole day, the solution is not in just a toothpaste. Bad breath comes from lingering food odors, poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, dry mouth, gum disease, acid reflux, sinus issues, and sometimes even a filling, crown or  dental implant that may not be fitting correctly. If you are experiencing any of these issues, especially if you suspect that it is an oral disease causing bad breath, you need to see a professional dental hygienist or dentist right away.


Bad breath solutions range from simple all the way to complex. The first solutions are the most obvious. Brush at least twice per day or after every meal if time allows. You may also want to combine your brushing with flossing daily and the use of an ADA recommended mouthwash. Apart from your teeth, fresher breath can be accomplished when you take the time to brush your tongue as well. The food particles that attach to your tongue can go unnoticed because people generally forget about brushing that part of the mouth. So what bacteria causes bad breath? The culprit is anaerobic bacteria that creates sulfur compounds within your mouth.


You can try all the fresh breath tips and fresh breath products the world has to offer, but even the best bad breath solutions will not fix the issue if oral disease is the cause.   The permanent fresher breath solution is not found in an over the counter product, but at your professional dentist office. Regular dental checkups keep your mouth healthy by finding any underlying issues before they become a major problem. The healthier your mouth, teeth, and gums are the less likely you are going to have any major halitosis.


Knowing you have fresh breath can give you great confidence.  We here at Dr. Susan McMahon, Cosmetic Dentist want everyone throughout the Chicago and Pittsburgh areas to feel free to breathe with the freshest breath possible.  There is no reason for you to suffer with bad breath.   If you suspect that your bad breath may be caused by a dental issue, come see us today so we can help you smile more and live with more confidence.